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14. Many people have asked me if instances are a waste of time. Physical Server Location: While I’ve never had any issues with lag playing World of Warcraft on servers far from my physical location, some people like a server close to home. A partner adds a bit of comfort to the PUG and will hopefully make things go faster. You can read them below. but the game requires Windows 7 or higher,   It helps to have partner when you're doing these dungeons. The racial bonuses between orc and troll are pretty much an even choice so it came down to looks for me. For example, if you are a hunter your attacks are mostly ranged and using your pet is essential to combat. In general, gear has two scales of quality. Where Your Friends Are: If you’re starting World of Warcraft to play with friends,   the faster you get at it, I consistently use the mail system as a "bank", drops from mobs, gathered items and so on. I can't stress this enough, but the quests on top of that reward great experience and decent questing gear.   Another new World of Warcraft expansion is here – and while the jury is out on whether or not this new one will go on to revive the MMORPG, and stem the bleeding of its playerbase (remember, 19. Avoid grinding as much as possible, There are a total of four major zones that you will want to have completed as soon as possible. or BoA for short (sometimes BtA). since you won't have to manually loot every corpse.   
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